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Prestashop 2 anywhere in the future?


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6 hours ago, razaro said:

Answer to both question is no.

Next will be v8.0 and they will keep Symfony Framework.


Too bad. Since v1.7.x is very buggy. And many bugs are actually caused by Symfony framework.

The file permissions bug is one that's around for about 18 months and no fix in sight. It is getting ever more frustrating to work with prestashop since the support is quite lacking and the only reason for me to stick around is to wait for a good new version that makes a good fresh start.

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On 4/23/2022 at 9:07 AM, Rhobur said:

It is open source, what support do you expect?
The only support is the one we can offer to each other.

Yes of course. It is opensource.

But there is a business model behind it. They do earn some money with the addons and themes.
So I would presume there is some motivation to make something actually really work.

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