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Product Dropdown Option without Combination


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Hi guys, so I am currently trying to create a grocery store on PrestaShop, which itself seem to be quite a task.

Anyway I need to add option for customer to just choose between couple of options, where those options have no affect on price, just more for a note to the system, invoice.

Example: Lets say we are selling "Ham". Now we can sell 250g, 500g, or 1kg of product etc. Additionally it can be shipped in one piece or can be sliced: extra thin, thin, normal, thick so on...

Trouble is, combinations are no go for option, as it simply ruins stock management system. I would like to add simple dropdown which will register on the system in which form customer wants the product.

Any ideas?

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33 minutes ago, Ress said:

Well, thanks, but I've got the weight and decimal quantity already sorted.

This module would be just complete unnecessary overkill in this case scenario.

What I need is only to add Dropdown Options to some products. Simple form with dropdown just register for specific products, order & invoice. 

I think probably the easiest and fastest implementation would be via Product -> Options -> Cusomisation. We've got there already Text field or File. I am thinking if I could add new Customisations -> Dropdown Option that would sort the issues. Then I can assign to specific products specific customisation and it wouldn't affect the stock.


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