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How to find the transactionID for PayPal sales through the PrestaShop Checkout module


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Hi there

Before switching to the ps_checkout module I was able to track the transactionIDs for PayPal payments directly in the PrestaShop database. I use a remote db connection to check for new orders etc and as part of my process, I check the emails received from PayPal with the transaction IDs that are stored in the ps_paypal_order table. I've managed to spot a few missed orders over the years with this approach.

Now I am using PrestaShop Checkout for all my transactions, I cannot find anything in the database that looks right! The values that are in the ps_pscheckout_cart and ps_pscheckout_order_matrice tables, under the heading 'id_order_paypal' don't match anything on PayPal's website (or the emails I have received).

Can anyone tell me how to get the (correct) transactionID from the database please?


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