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1.7.8... Form in FO to let users upload products


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Dear all, 

I'm developing a presta site in which users are able to upload products as merchants. I'm currently using a module for that and it works fine. 

However, I would like to have more control over the final result accordingly with the fields we actually requiere in our business model and further developments needs.

The final result aimed is simple: I would like to create a tpl file to be included in a cms page in which I can apply a $logged validation and if true display a simple form that creates the product in DB and display it in the store as a normal product. 

Did anyone struggle with something similar previously? Could you please provide some clues here to approach the job or, even, would you help me to find which files I should be looking for to understand how the core functionality works?

Thanks in advance for any ideas

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Actually, we already has purchased and installed a module. We are familiar with this kind of answers, indeed. But what we were really asking is for advice to develop by ourselves. 

Thanks anyway. 

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