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[MODULE] Tax number validator and 0% VAT rate automation


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✔️ Tax number validator and 0% VAT rate automation

Support all tax numbers in the European region. The validation process happens in real-time and does not require reloading the page or saving the form data:

  • NIP (Poland)
  • VAT, VAT-UE (EU countries)
  • Company number, VAT-UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland)

✔️ Validation of the entered tax number involves checking its authenticity on many levels, including:

  • Calculating the checksum and correcting the entry
  • In the official VIES system
  • In the VatApp system
  • In the official GOV.UK database
  • In the official database of the Ministry of Finance

✔️ Tax rules guaranteed by the module:

  1. Sales B2B from home country with a valid tax number: charge VAT
  2. Sales B2B from other countries with a valid tax number: charge 0% VAT
  3. Sales B2C to private persons from our and other countries: charge VAT

🏁 EN and PL translations. You could simply translate module to your language using PrestaShop Translations.
🌎 Multistore support. Setup module independently in each store.

📑 Read more about module: 


✔️ The validation process happens in real-time and does not require reloading the page or saving the form data.

  • Correct validation highlights the field in green and allows you to save the form with the invoice data.
  • The module corrects the record by removing unnecessary characters and spaces from the number, adds the country code if it detects VAT-EU, etc. 
  • If the tax number is suspended, inactive or errors, the module highlights the field in red and displays the problems found.


✔️ The module will automatically detect the address forms in your PrestaShop store and validate the tax number field that customers fill out when placing an order.

  • Multi-level validation of European region tax numbers: NIP, VAT, VAT-EU, VAT-UK and Company Number
  • Clear messages and blocking of the invoice data form in case of an incorrect or not valid number
  • Integration with the official API of VIES, VatApp, GOV.UK and Polish Ministry of Finance systems
  • Automatic correction of the tax number record to the official format PL 1132419179
  • Automatic setting of 0% VAT rate for companies outside our home country with correct VAT-EU 

📑 Read more about module: 


🧪 Check module at demo store:

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