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Wondering if anyone can help with the following error message.

Customer was able to place order successfully. It registers onto PayPal and into the PS system. However he forwards the following error message to me:

This message is sent automatically by module PrestaShop Checkout

A customer encountered a processing payment error :
Customer identifier: 8022
Cart identifier: 18622
PayPal order identifier: 4K3504418B4496744
Exception identifier: 48
Exception detail: Payer has not yet approved the Order for payment. The payer has not yet approved payment for the order. Redirect the payer to the rel:approve URL that was returned in the HATEOAS links in the create order response or provide a valid payment_source in the request.

If you need assistance, please contact our Support Team on PrestaShop Checkout configuration page on Help subtab.


After some searching, I am unsure what the issue refers to and what corrective action I should take?


The webshop is running using:


- PayPal Express Checkout Module

- Prestashop version:

- PHP version: 7.3.32


Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi, it was happen something similar to a customer of a shop of my customer.

paypal log in backoffice report this error

"Payer has not yet approved the Order for payment. Please redirect the payer to the 'rel':'approve' url returned as part of the HATEOAS links within the Create Order call or provide a valid payment_source in the request"

On paypal site the transaction it was marked as sucsefully conclused.

But in the order page of the backoffice of the site its hade generated an order not in "payment sucsefully" as normally, but in "authorization accepted from paypal"

plugin PayPal v5.5.0
PHP version: 7.3.33



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Hi guys, 

I continued receiving these error messages occasionally, and the orders would either come through, or have failed and not be present (assume customer gave up and left). 

After having dug deeper, contacting PayPal only reveals more info only on the PayPalstage which they handle.

The stages normally go -

1. Customer bank approves transaction,

2. PayPal accepts and processes it

3. PayPal hand it to our PS shop website which records the order and details etc.  

With this in mind, the error message is generated by the module, therefore only the module developers can help. The email I used was provided through PayPal ( support-checkout-download AT prestashop.com )

Having contacted the developers for a different error before, I asked them about this one, and they replied in essence:

We're aware of this error from others customers and we're working hard to get it solved very soon.

On a side note, I also had private web developers hired at one point and asked them to look at it, and they said the module was sealed, and they couldn't do anything.

Beyond this, PayPal also mentioned that an error at the first stage (e.g. funds declined, internet connection drop out etc), could also cause a failed transaction, and this can occur generally.

Hope this helps 

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A new version of the Prestashop Checkout module was released on the last day of May 22 and is available here:


As they promised, the developers emailed me directly to let me know the fix for the issue I had asked them about was now available.

I did however encounter a glitch with this - both the card and PP checkout options disappeared, while the "account linking" process went into a pending phase. See attached screenshot. The solution provided by the developers was to uninstall and reinstall the module, which just fixed it for me! Although the issue appears to be on the PayPal side, it wasn't so for me. (I even started a PP ticket etc). Hope this can help someone else too.


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