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Help with menu and availability


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Good day,
we have an eshop www.paletovevoziky.com

I'm solving some display issues and I'd like to ask you for advice.
1. Icon for goods that are not in stock. In the administration, I am able to change the text of items that are IN STOCK (green pipe), LAST PIECE (orange exclamation mark), I am only interested in WAITING FOR STORAGE, it is displayed when the goods are not in stock. A green pipe also appears next to this text, and it's pretty confusing. For example, I would like to display a red cross or other symbol to indicate that the goods are not in stock. For example, the part https://paletovevoziky.com/domu/259-nabehova-rolna.html
I was looking at the css template, here is the right symbol for the unavailable product. I don't know if there is a problem somewhere in the prestashop settings. We have set for products that it is possible to order them even if they are not in stock. We have it active due to pre-orders. But I don't know if it has anything to do with it.
2. We would like a warning to be displayed in the final step of the order, ie the payment, if the product is not in stock. We don't want to interfere with the ability to order sold-out products, as people often want to order products while they wait for stock.
3. Implementation of cookies bar. Recommendations for the module to use.
4. Editing the menu, we want only the first two subcategories to be displayed in the left menu and other deeper subcategories to be displayed only after clicking. So display eg: Domů/ Díly / BOLZONI / TSM EASYLIFT .

We have the menu set up as follows: Domů/ Díly / BOLZONI / TSM EASYLIFT / RÁM

I do not want the last RÁM subfolder to be displayed in the left menu. But I would like to see the pads that are included in it, ie RÁM, after clicking on the TSM EASYLIFT subcategory.





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