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Edit postal code according to country in the php file


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Hi guys,

I need to change the postal code at the moment of the check out (the moudle is Onepagecheckout).

The target is to do a str_replace() of postal cose according to country of the address, before the data stored in wp_address.

Ho provato a dare uno sguardo alle classi (sono neofita di prestashop), e l'unica classe che mi salta all'occhio dove potrei intervenire è :
I try to take a look at the classes (i'm new in prestashop), et there is a few classes that i think could be the rights, the best one is:

-Classes/Address.php in the function initialize();

But i tested a few solutions but nothing happen.

Some ideas? Thank you

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I have to do this automatically.

Because some shipping company don't accept some char (like "-") in the post code, and the API of company shipping is join toSmarty (so i can't do this with before the call by API happen).

I saw that at the moment i insert the data on the form, with a AJAX automaticallt is saved. So even if i don't click on the button for terminate the order, the data are automatically stored in DB. I think i have to operate in JS for do that

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One solution could be to have validation on the input field?
You could then limit what kind of characters they can enter via a RegEx (Regular expression)

For example: with the following RegEx: ^\d{4}$
You could limit their input to 4 numbers, such as 4902, 2309, 1122,...
You could block "-" that way.

Thing is, you would limit your customers as they are trying to enter the information.

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