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FATAL ERROR in product and CArt after activate Paypal Module

Vincenzo Puglisi

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Good morning,

we have activated the pyapal account and connected to the control panel of our e-commerce. subsequently the same control panel signaled us that we had to update the cURL and to contact the supplier of the Aruba host, as we did. following this operation and after having received confirmation from the paypal module panel in prestashop (which marked the cURL synchronization with a green quotation mark) the whole site had problems: We do not display (when you select "go to the shop") photos, prices and some price combinations (for example the specifications for regions, discounts and installation yes or no) It is not possible to place any product in the cart - it always results in an error It reports us FATAL ERROR at the bottom of the page Currently the control panel of our ecommerce shows all the information we have previously uploaded including product photos, details on price combinations and variants by region etc etc.


please can we help me?

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