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Problem with setting up dev enviorment


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I've got problems with dev environment on Windows 10. I downloaded branch 1.7.8.x. from github. Then:

- run composer install,
- run 4x times npm install + npm run build (as described on https://devdocs.prestashop.com/8/development/compile-assets/)
- installed prestashop from /install-dev folder

Everything looks to work, but the problem shows up in the back office. When I try to use module's catalog, I've got some JS errors from bundled file - then module loading stops and freezes like below.


When I've copied all files from production version (from folder admin/themes/new-theme/public) and pasted them into dev version folder, everything starts working well - errors are gone. So the problem is with the bundle proccess, but I've got no errors during the "npm run build" command. I don't want to use copied bundled files, but be able to bundle it corectly by myself (f.e. if I decide to make some changes in scss, js) . 

Can you help me with this issue? I tried using node v12 and v10. I'm using newest composer (2.2.6 - because haven't found info that it matters). I've installed windows-build-tools. Have no idea what goes wrong.

I will appreciate any help and suggestions.


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