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Google Search Console Server Error (5xx)


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Hello together,

is/was someone facing the same Problem with the Google Search Console and Prestashop. It is showing me to all Pages following Error: Server Error (5xx)

I have two Languages in the Frontend (DE & EN) example: domain.com/de/ and domain.com/en/

Somehow Google has a Problem with this way of URL to Crawl or Index.


Many thanks

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I guess now its working, i had 2x <link rel="canonical" href=""> in the template for some reason.

I removed one in THEME/templates/_partials/head.tpl and now it seems to work.

Give it some time, i will keep you updated maybe someone has the same issue.

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3 hours ago, Isador Peterson said:

Error: Server Error (5xx) disappeared after rescanning

Errors which Google declares have to checked. Don't take it for granted.

IMO they send those messages out to make people believe Google cares. 

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