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Order and Invoice not updating after adding or removing products from order


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I have an issue with the invoicing system on our shop. When a member of the team (PrestaShop user) updates an invoice for a customer, either the total is wrong or the taxes are wrong. I can't find any explanation. Here is an example of what I mean (see example below). First, the Total (HT) is wrong and should be $2,117,00. So then the taxes are calculated from this number (which I think still contains the price of a product that was removed from the order). Finally, the final is completely wrong. Also, if you look at the tax details sections, which is “Détail des taxes”, You will see that the 9.975% of $150.00 is wrong and should be $14.96. 



Here are some system information if needed:

Server info Linux x86_64


PHP 5.6.40

MYSQL Version 5.7.37

Prestashop Version

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