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Hello again,

I want to add a new 'button' to my single product page, for example above the ADD CART button. When 'Button' is selected, the modal popup will appear and I will show the user a text or table containing the information I want.

eq: Shipping Details Button and an information table or text about shipping and fees when opened.

Thank you

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54 minutes ago, endriu107 said:

We are in Developers forum section so I think you are developer and have some coding skills. Most of PrestaShop themes are based on bootstrap so you can use bootstrap modal: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/components/modal/#live-demo and add it to your template or create own module for that.


Welcome ,

Actually, I need to explain in more detail. It is really easy to design modals thanks to ready-made codes. What I was wondering is to run the Modal on presta and place it with the add to cart button (below or above). Here is where I don't fully understand.





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