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Prestashop return - anyone have understand how it works?


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i enable prestashop return, and make some test.

Unfortunatly sometimes appear the correct section and i'm redirect to order-follow, then other times i see an alert that tell this order can't be return.

I search but as always for poor documentation, i just find a guide to how setup, that is not useful.

I want to know, how does it work? which state or date use prestashop to accept or not?

There's a way to remove from controllers or classes this alert and always accept return?

Regards from Enrico.

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Whauu dat question! Hope you guys, DEV of Prestashop, to release some documentation about it because is the only platform where is impossible to find a simple question like this, and have a useless forum as this, where no one ever reply.


Bahh really bad compare to new cms

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No i haven't to but a module because is already present this option in Prestashop, i need to understand how it work because there's a big lack of documentation here and a big interest to sell only this module.

The option is available ok? So someone need to explain that better, because if i set 30000 days for return the system still present the error "this order cant be return"

Please a more effort to explain what you add.

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