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I have exactly the same problem with PS1.7.8.2. I have disabled and removed most modules, so I am ruuning on just core modules. But I do have 2 themes installed plus the classic default (3 themes). Maybe its a clash of themes?, maybe overides

Did you sort out the problem.

Can you share the steps taken to overcome it.

What does 'check in ignite mode' mean.

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@gray - "ignite mode" might be spelled wrong. SmartDataSoft may have meant to type "incognito mode".

Honestly, I did not do anything specific to fix the issue other than log out & log back in.

Here is what I would try:

1. Load prestashop back store in Incognito mode

2. Clear cache in Prestashop

3. Right click in browser > Inspect > Application > Storage > "Clear Site Data"

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