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edit the order_conf.html

Tim Vandendriessche

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I have update to about a week ago. I have a plug-in where people can choose the delivery date and time (I use the plugin "Delivery Dates Wizard")

After the update the selected dates are not shown anymore in the email to the clients. It shows the 2 fields: {DDW_ORDER_DATE} - {DDW_ORDER_TIME}.

In the new_order email to myself, there i can see the selected date and time.
I checked and the date and time is safed in the database, so the selection works.

What can be wrong that this information is not show on the confirmation email?

Please help :)



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Hi all,

I also changed in all order_conf.html - Files I could find on Serverside the "hallo..." Text to "Guten Tag".

But in the order-confirmation Mail I get an ugly "hallo".

Presta Cache is deletet, var/cache folder too.

There are any other places, like a little joke from developer-side, I need to check?
Any hidden/secrete folder server side I need to change too?

First I tried this:

But it didn't work.

Someone here who can help?

Presta, I love you.


:::: EDIT::::::

Now the "child-folder" did it!!!

if you want to change the text: Upload the file you need in your child. There, change the text!
I dont know why it first didnt work. But now, its working :)

:::: EDIT::::::



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  • 11 months later...

order_conf sends the ./classes/PaymentModule.php file. There should definitely be an override in ./override/classes/PaymentModule.php and there should be new parameters in it.
If Prestashop is upgraded, the override may not be valid for the new version of Prestashop.

new_order is again a matter of the Mail Alert module and it should also have a modification in it.

It is also quite possible that the delivery date and time module uses a hook and fills in the parameters.

Unfortunately, I don't have such a module available, so I'm just guessing.

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