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Change "Pick up in-store" option in confirmation page


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Greetings Prestashoppers,

I have noticed that when a customer makes a purchase on my page, when he is on the "purchase confirmation" screen, the text "Pick up in-store" appears next to the type of delivery made. I am not aware of having configured this option and I have not installed any module whose functionality is to show this option to the client. The problem is that i don't want to show to my client this option/text "Pick up in-store".image.thumb.png.d916e588672f83ba79157ab2c71eeaa9.png


I know that i can modify the text with FTP, but i want to know if there is some option in the backoffice to solve this.image.thumb.png.bb180b8498c21aaaaecf4918bca1a293.png

Thanks for your help.


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