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Change value of PS_OS_PAYMENT from admin


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I have installed the Klarna Checkout payment module. When I get a new order thru Klarna Checkout the order status id is set to 2.
Klarna Checkout looking for PS_OS_PAYMENT in the database, check its value and then set the order status id to the same value.

It seems like PS_OS_PAYMENT is set to value 2 by default when installing Prestashop.

So to my question, is it anywhere in admin where I can change the value of PS_OS_PAYMENT?

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1 hour ago, Knowband Plugins said:

You can modify the value of PS_OS_PAYMENT by accessing the store database. For modifying the value, you need to access the configuration table for the same.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

As far as I can see the only payment module that I have that corresponding to PS_OS_PAYMENT is Klarna Checkout, so I guess it doesn't do any harem to set the value to one in configuration table, or could I be wrong here?

Another approach would be to rearrange the names of my order statuses. At this time status 1 have the name "Arrived" and status 2 is "Processing/packing".

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