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Help on Taxes...

Lord Moon

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Hi Sir,

Here is my problem... Everytime I add a product, It automatically adds a tax even if there are no taxes defined... you can see it on the attached images..

But here is how it looks

Pre-tax wholesale price: 0
Pre-tax retail price: 12
Tax-rule: No Tax
Retail Price: 12
Unit Price without tax: 0

but when i looked at it in the front-office price shows $15.84... I really need help for this, since ebooks are downloadable products...

Louie Bacani Foronda



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Hi Sir,

Then I will post all the tax problems here that I might encounter... but before I'll do that, I'll try creating another website just to be sure its a bug... or I may have done anything wrong...

Thanks a lot,
Louie Bacani Foronda :)

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I Found out which part is causing error...

I think this should be included on the homepage "A good beginning... " part of the back-office.

After Logging in your back-office account for the very first time... Don't add products or categories yet...

1) enter these words "currency" on the quick search top right @20-25 degrees of the screen, then change your default currency to whatever currency you're in...

Note: In the back-office my default currency was in euro, but in the front-office it was US dollars so, it converts the currencies... This case "I think" is due to the excitement of using this e-commerce cms... :)

Anyway, thank you sir angora... :)

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