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Payment Successful, Order created, but Order Status is set as Payment Error


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Since I upgraded to 1.7.8 I have been having this problem when paying by card or paypal, no matter the payment gateway

I have Paypal, Paypal+ (payment with card without a paypal account) and Openpay (BBVA Mexico)


-Payment is successfully processed by the gateway

-Order is successfully created in the BI

-But the order is set to Payment Error status and the email payment_error is sent to the customer (and the customers start complaining)

-Later on, I must set the order status to Payment Accepted in order to trigger new email to the customer


If the order is set to Bank Wire, there is no error, and status is set as it should "Wating for Bankwire"


Its clear that is not a module error, because the same behaviour happens with two different gateways...

Any idea?

Anyone else?

What can I check?


This is an English translation of my original post in Spanish, in order to reach a bigger audience, I trust I´m not breaking any rule...

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8 hours ago, Gabriel Scripnicu said:

Hello, i will chose to expose my issue here since i have the same problem

My site in BO orders sets and sends order canceled email to client, i have disabled it so send this mail clients because they ask for refund

Thanks for further answers


a Bug reporthas been submitted at github, 

you can follow up the status here:


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