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Add a button to show all languages in the features (in admin)


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In the PrestaShop administration panel, after entering a product and entering the "Information" tab, we can set the product name for different languages. Here there is a button "Show all languages".

I would like to add the same button to show all languages in "Catalog -> Features".

I know I need to add some changes to the PrestaShop files. The question is which file should I modify on FTP and what code should I add?

I will be grateful for your help. Thanks!┬á­čśä

//PrestaShop 1.6.x.x

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I dealt with it.
You need to modify the file ./admin/themes/default/tempalte/controllers/feature_vale/helpers/form/form.tpl

Need to add here:
<button class = "btn btn-primary" onclick = "$ ('. langs-name'). find ('. translatable-field'). show (); return false;"> Show all languages </button>

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