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Prestashop email notification remember customer order payment


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Hello guys,

I'm having trouble figure this out.
A customer in my shop make his order until the end and it's all ok, he choose to pay by debit card (multibanco) and the system generate a reference to pay, and the customer receives an email with that reference...all is fine!
But the customer doesn't pay and forgets...
How can i re-send the email again to remember???
Does anybody knows how or where can i goal this?

I was thinking about something like this...
var_A = The day of the order;
var_B = current date;
var_C = status of payment

If (var_C == "Expecting Payment") and (var_B > var_A){

    re-send the email


    do nothing

Something like this...
Thanks in advance for all the help.

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