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Choosing the best carrier for a product, not based on the overall weight of the order


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Hello and thank you for your attention

I explain situation:

Store with Prestashop, I have 3 carriers, some products are active all 3 carriers. Each carrier configured with their weights, depending on the total weight.

The issue that I place an order I get the best carrier based on the total weight of the order, because it is so configured, but you can choose the best carrier based on each product?

Here is an example:

Product1       1       25Kg       Carrier1       Supplier1

Product2       1       50Kg       Carrier2       Supplier2

As it is configured according to the total price, it adds the 75Kg and corresponds to send to Supplier2, which is the one that has the best price with the total weight of 75Kg.


 The desired behavior would be, that the best price of the carrier of each product is the one used:

Product1       1       25Kg       Carrier1       Supplier1       13€

Product2       1       50Kg       Carrier2       Supplier2       22€

The best price of Product1, which weighs 25Kg, has Supplier1 at 13€, and the best price of Product2, which weighs 50Kg, is Supplier2, which is 22€, then the price of the cart should be 35€, there is some kind of configuration in Prestashop, module .....

Best regards and thanks.

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