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Importing products forcing ID gives failure in unit price


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We have implemented to show the unit price in the product listing, when importing the first time everything fine, no problems, the problem comes when importing a second time, for example, an excel to update product prices, for examples, everything does fine, but the unit price is different. 

ID          Supplier    Name              Unit Price        PVP

1001        4        Producto 1        648.76 €         259,76 €

1001        1        Prodcuto 1        324.79 €          59,76 €

The first product 1 (1001 - 4) has the correct unit price (648.76), the one that is in the excel, but in the second import, that Product 1 (1001 - 1), as you can see (now appears 324.79), has another price.

Doing calculations and looking for some similarity, it seems that this second price when importing is that PVP (259.76 + 25%), which we do not understand how it comes out or appears, when it should be the price that appears in the excel.

Best regards and thanks.

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Hello and first of all thank you very much.

And how do you match products?
I don't understand this very well, sorry and thank you.

I use the comments in this topic

Do you have your own import script?
It is an excel sheet with some fields for import. The import is fine, if you do not force the ID's, also perfect, but if you force it, for example, to update price, stock or whatever, is when this happens. 

Attached is the excel we imported, it works correctly. I leave also a copy with the fields we used from the example download file

Do you have a unique identifier in your product list, such as a reference number / product code?
There is no unique identifier different from the ID as such, there may be equal references.

Prestashop version ?

Thank you very much

import-products.xlsx products_import.xlsx

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Thanks again for your time.

The issue is that of the 3 prices that excel imports, two of them do it correctly, the one where there is this problem is with the unit price.

By doing it right in those two fields is why it draws our attention.

We will review what you have commented.

Greetings and thanks.

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In that column there is nothing, just as you have put in the screenshots, I have even tried, just in case, to remove that column, but the problem persists.

Thanks for the inconvenience, I will continue to check the issue

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