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Prestashop problem with new field to class.


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Hi, I am currently reworking Prestashop to suit my needs and ran into a problem - I wanted to add the ability to add values to the ps_orders table, the personal_collection field when placing an order, however after writing the checkout in /override/classes/order/Order.php, nothing totally changes. I even assigned the value 5 to this field at the start, so that it just added to the base, but nothing changes. The php code was obviously opened with a tag, the cache was cleared. :) I would also like to add that if I do not extend the OrderCore class, but simply overwrite it directly, everything works fine, however, I would not like to mess around with reworking clean Presta files for a future presta update. Any idea? Below is the code of the Order.php class I created. Presta version 1.7.8


class Order extends OrderCore
    public $personal_collection = 5;

     public function __construct($id = null, $id_lang = null)
        parent::__construct($id, $id_lang);
        self::$definition['fields']['personal_collection'] = array('type' => self::TYPE_INT);


    public static function generateReference()
    $last_id = Db::getInstance()->getValue('
        SELECT MAX(id_order)
        FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'orders');

    return str_pad((int)$last_id + 1, 9, '000000000', STR_PAD_LEFT);


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