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Specific price parameters not working on api


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Hi guys,


I'am wondering why "Specific price parameters" describe in the docs: https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/webservice/tutorials/advanced-use/specific-price/#example not working anymore.

When I try to add price[my_price][use_tax]=1 parameter for example, I getting and error message: Trying to get property 'id_customer' of non-object on CheckVatTaxManager.php, line 41

It was working like a charm month ago but now it's broken. Same for sale_price parameter.

Query url example: /api/products?filter[id]=[1,2,3]&display=full&price[my_price][use_tax]=1

Should we use other methods to get taxed and sale price now ?

Prestashop version: v1.7.6.1

Thank you for your helps.

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