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Reference code inside product name in back office orders


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Firstly I would like to say hi - I'm creating shop for my company, this forum helped me with understanding many things and fix even more problems. 

This time i got problem that I can't figure out and I need you help!

We're almost done with our shop and now it's time to take a look at invoices. We're using diffrent site for our bookkeeping ( iFirma ) which has integration via API. That API "downloads" our orders from Presta and with those informations, we're able to prepare invoices. The problem is that we need "reference code" in product name ON INVOICE (our company policy) - it should be placed before product name and attributes. It's because we do have our werehouse integratet with iFirma and only with codes in product name we're able to relate them to product in werehouse. 

Looks like this API gets only product name from orders (I tried to include reference code next to product name in order details but API ignores it) and from what I understand in code, attributes are also included in product name - so my question is, how can I add reference code to full product name ONLY in order details in back office?

I hope I wrote it understandable enough.

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