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Add Product Location to Invoice


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I've been looking into adding the product location to the invoice.
I added an extra row to the ps_order_detail in the database called product_location.

Then I changed:

$this->MultiCell($w[++$i], 5, Tools::iconv('utf-8', self::encoding(), $product['product_name']), 'B');


$this->MultiCell($w[++$i], 5, Tools::iconv('utf-8', self::encoding(), $product['product_name'] . ' (' . $product['product_location'] . ')'), 'B');

in classes/PDF.php

But I can't seem to find out where the ps_order_detail is being created. How do I put the location in product_location when the order is added to the database.
When I add a value to product_location manually with phpmyadmin it works fine and the location is visible on the invoice

Thanx in advance!

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Ok it works :D

in classes/PDF.php

if ($delivery)
   if ($productQuantity)
       // added following 2 lines
       $location1 = new Product((int)$product['product_id']);
       $location2 = $location1->location;

       $before = $this->GetY();


$this->MultiCell($w[++$i], 5, Tools::iconv('utf-8', self::encoding(), $product['product_name']), 'B');

changed to:

$this->MultiCell($w[++$i], 5, Tools::iconv('utf-8', self::encoding(), $product['product_name'] . ' (' . $location2 . ')'), 'B');

I already changed the product reference to product id, so I couldn't use it for this.

$this->Cell($w[++$i], $lineSize, ($product['product_reference'] ? $product['product_reference'] : '--'), 'B');

changed to:

$this->Cell($w[++$i], $lineSize, ($product['product_id'] ? $product['product_id'] : '--'), 'B');

Had some trouble with the 'product_id' because the forum changes


to ''
Make sure to check the code when doing a copy and paste from the forum ;)

Thanks a lot!

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