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PrestaShop Stabil version 1 har släppts

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Hej alla PrestaShop fans!

PrestaShop Stabil version 1 har släppts. Du kan läsa mer här.

Back Office:
  - New feature:
    - #23948: Add history feature of edit combination of product page v2 (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24745: Form builder modifier (by @jolelievre)
  - Improvement:
    - #25038: [BC Break] Fix TinyMCE max length computing in BO (by @jolelievre)
    - #25121: Update translations catalogue with Welcome module wordings (by @sowbiba)
    - #25039: Disable product V2 page when multistore is used (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #24025: Add SubmittableInput successfull and error states (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24713: Fix missing scrollbar on multistore dropdowns (by @micka-fdz)
    - #24811: Fix invalid html attribute on multistore fields (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #24469: Multistore header on product pages (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #24661: Display tab for extra modules in product page (by @jolelievre)
    - #24876: Add classes for sort links on legacy pages (by @boubkerbribri)
  - Bug fix:
    - #25898: Fixed selector in computePriceTaxIncluded (by @Progi1984)
    - #25874: Apply PR #25833 into (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #25875: Apply PR #25690 to (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #25749: Product combination price edit : Use blur instead of onkeyup to avoid price flip (by @sowbiba)
    - #25634: [BC Break] Do not use name in admin_orders_display_customization_image_route (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #25489: Fixed selector for fetching if the tax is included  (by @Progi1984)
    - #25495: Check variable before using it (by @Progi1984)
    - #25428: Don't recalculate total when PS_ORDER_RECALCULATE_SHIPPING is 0 and editing a carrier (by @Progi1984)
    - #24991: Fix combination ecotax display and edition (by @jolelievre)
    - #25364: Fix inputs prefilling bug when a combination is added to an order (by @jolelievre)
    - #25378: Order Product Search: Limit only if the search phrase length is greater than 2 characters and HTTP Code Error become a 400 (by @Progi1984)
    - #25375: In Order view, set the lang of the order for order messages (by @Progi1984)
    - #25326: Create empty Customer when the customer or the guest has been deleted (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #24620: [BC Break] No email check in  BO > Advanced Parameters > Logs page (by @okom3pom)
    - #25286: Fix cart rule that can be used more than once per user when it shouldn't (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #24339: Add number comma formatter (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #25107: Fixed meta title in BO - Order View (by @Progi1984)
    - #25200: In Invoice PDF, escape customization name (by @Progi1984)
    - #24324: Orders View : Display right price depending configuration (by @Progi1984)
    - #25106: Fixed management of INNER JOIN & GROUP BY in SqlQueryValidator (by @Progi1984)
    - #25059: [BC Break] Fixed translated order messages in Order View (by @Progi1984)
    - #25034: Fix checkbox direction on RTL (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #25035: Fix product footer direction using RTL language (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24052: Open confirm modal only when eligible for feature flag form (by @matks)
    - #25082: Fix category create in product page (by @zuk3975)
    - #24869: Fix no active payment module displayed in Payment Methods (by @atomiix)
    - #25004: Fix help sidebar on Experimental Features BO Page (by @matks)
    - #24890: Fix top buttons on order view on mobile (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24657: BO - New Order - Warn when product's stock of a pack are empty (by @Progi1984)
    - #24851: Twig extension for multistore shop context URLs (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #24918: Fix table responsive of multistore page (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24882: Restore ability to disable translations tree item (by @sowbiba)
    - #24899: Avoid errors display when Emails translations lang.php does not exist (by @sowbiba)
    - #24762: Fixed adding a free shipping cart rule on a 0.00 order (by @Progi1984)
    - #24765: Fix edit price modal showed when adding same product in multi-invoices (by @atomiix)
    - #24770: Added currency BYN TO CLDR dataset (by @olecorre)
    - #24773: BO - Order Preview : Added email (by @Progi1984)
    - #24892: Fix experimental product page creation link (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #24848: Avoid setting height to 0 if height isn't defined on product dropzone (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24837: Fix zoom on theme email grid and legacy dropdowns (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24794: Fix js error when adding voucher in create order (by @atomiix)
    - #24728: Remove unwanted bundle.js call (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #24867: Fix order notes not being saved  (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #24813: Fix header toolbar getting over content on mobile and table (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24665: Fix dropzone component design on product page v2 (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24282: Remove unwanted margins on order page cards (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24330: Disable Menus tab and deny access (by @sowbiba)
    - #24771: Build assets (by @Progi1984)
    - #24736: Fix create-test-db (by @zuk3975)
    - #24696: Fix delete modal translation (by @jolelievre)
    - #24594: Fix order create page on product qty update (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24718: The addProductNewInvoiceInfo is not displayed when creating new invoice (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #24679: Fix free shipping cart rule should not be recalculate when PS_ORDER_RECALCULATE_SHIPPING is false (by @atomiix)
    - #24576: BO - New Order - Empty gift message is not a null value (by @Progi1984)
- Front Office:
  - Improvement:
    - #23480: Improve accessibility of classic theme forms by adding for and ids (by @NeOMakinG)
  - Bug fix:
    - #25388: FrontOffice : Use formatted ecotax price (by @Progi1984)
    - #25635: Fix html lang attribute to use the locale instead of ISO code (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #25665: Load medium size thumbnail on click on FO product page, instead of large (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #25629: Use _DB_PREFIX_ constant instead of ps_ in SQL queries (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #25343: Fix broken product page when changing template (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #25316: Fix blocking add to cart button (by @kpodemski)
    - #25216: Fix brands links not clickable inside description (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24868: Fixed cart rule on selected product with product with ecotax (by @Progi1984)
    - #25101: Fix RTL issues on material icons on FO (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24754: Removed free shipping from cumulative reduction (by @Progi1984)
    - #24320: Bug fix for number of decimals in product price (by @samberrry)
    - #24323: Update classic webpack and fix watch issue by adding webpack-cli locally (by @NeOMakinG)
    - #24600: FO - Validate field values when creating customer account (by @sowbiba)
    - #24852: Fix 404 layout for wrong category (by @atomiix)
    - #24795: Fix checkout page details removed and wrong price when adding/removing voucher (by @atomiix)
    - #24849: Fix wrong tab selected after changing a product combination on the FO (by @atomiix)
    - #24680: Fix unclosed div in product-list.tpl (by @kpodemski)
- Core:
  - Improvement:
    - #25778: Changelog for (by @sowbiba)
    - #25757: Define version to 1778 (by @sowbiba)
    - #25630: Bump version to (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #25484: Update ps_linklist to 5.0.4 and ps_searchbar to 2.1.1 (by @sowbiba)
    - #25449: Build assets on 1.7.7.x  (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #25447: Update prestashop modules on 1.7.7.x (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #25141: Upgrade ps_linklist to 5.0.3 (by @sowbiba)
    - #25131: Bump module ps_linklist to 5.0.2 (by @sowbiba)
    - #25120: Update Welcome module to 6.0.6 (by @sowbiba)
    - #25102: Update ps_linklist module to v5.0.1 (by @sowbiba)
    - #24957: Bump modules Welcome to 6.0.5 & ProductComments to 4.2.2 (by @Progi1984)
    - #24885: Register new hooks for (by @matks)
    - #24729: Update linklist to v4 (by @atomiix)
    - #24717: Update native modules (by @atomiix)
  - Bug fix:
    - #25982: Fix CLI install (by @atomiix)
    - #25784: Use null coalescing operator to fix notice (by @kpodemski)
    - #25613: Fix missing hook behavior when we want an array return (by @kpodemski)
    - #25413: Fix performance issue on Smarty template caching (by @lukaslau)
    - #25111: Fix compiled legacy container (by @atomiix)
    - #25098: Remove precision type for currency (by @sowbiba)
    - #24774: Fix missing product indexation after creation on product page V2 (by @matthieu-rolland)
    - #24866: Set country GB to non-EU country (by @juraj1000)
    - #24682: Add missing Grid and Router JS components (by @kpodemski)
    - #24821: Handle CustomerAddressGridDefinitionFactory in CLI context (by @atomiix)
    - #24829: Show formatted Load time in Profiler (by @kpodemski)
- Installer:
  - Bug fix:
    - #25306: Fix upgrade (by @Seb33300)
    - #24908: Fixed default value for Currency after upgrade (by @Progi1984)
    - #24924: Add missing supplier for product pack in fixtures (by @PierreRambaud)
    - #24847: Fix hook wording (by @PululuK)
- Localization:
  - Bug fix:
    - #24902: Wording corrections before RC (by @jolelievre)
    - #24723: Fix domain wordings (by @jolelievre)
- Tests:
  - Improvement:
    - #25365: Re-enable Behat test about product duplicate translation (by @matks)
  - Bug fix:
    - #25494: Fix fail by adding a dateFrom when create cartRule without code (by @SD1982)
    - #25486: Fix dateTo selector for E2E tests (by @sowbiba)
    - #25320: Fix languages test install (by @jolelievre)
    - #25344: Disable failing Behat test about product duplicate translation (by @matks)
    - #25292: Fix 1.7.8.x test for product duplicate (by @okom3pom)
    - #25281: Rise Apache Travis timeout to workaround addons module install issues (by @matks)
  - Refactoring:
    - #25201: Functional tests - (Refacto) Delete 'uppercaseFirstCharacter()' method (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25167: Functional tests - CRUD cart rule with/without code (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25233: Functional tests - Refacto categories tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25259: Functional tests - Refacto attributes and features tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25341: Functional tests - Refacto modules and design tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25249: Create more order statuses to allow pagination (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #25150: Fix pagination condition on shopping cart test (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #25171: Functional tests - Refacto login tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25250: Functional tests - Refacto monitoring tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25219: Functional tests - Refacto products tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25333: Caching playwright browsers on github workflows (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24995: Functional tests - Add Js doc for catalog pages (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25104: Functional tests - Refacto 'Orders > Delivery slips' tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25128: Functional tests - Add js doc for 'Advanced parameters' pages (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25108: Functional tests - Refacto 'Orders > Shopping carts' tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25126: Fix currency precision regression test (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #25088: Functional tests - Add some refacto to Orders>Invoices tests (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #25047: Fix nightly tests for 21-06-2021 (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #25057: Fix menu check on regression test (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24996: Fix nightly 17-06-2021 (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #24972: Functional tests - Add some refacto to orders and credit slips (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #24951: Change attribute name to something more specific to fix filter (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24783: Fix pages name for link list module (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24894: Update Js doc for design pages (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #24699: Functional test - Add quick access test (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #24904: Wait for navigation after click on FO menu (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24870: Improve selectors and functions on statuses page (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24862: Improve orders selectors for UI tests (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24787: Add regression test 'Access to Menu tab on Bo should be denied' (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24789: Add jsdoc for classes: imageType, invoice, language, orderMessage, orderReturnStatus, orderStatus, product, profile (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24775: Add class for columns on legacy tables to be able to target them on tests (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24737: Add ids for link to download sample file on import page (by @boubkerbribri)
    - #24660: Update Js documentation for customers pages (by @nesrineabdmouleh)
    - #24720: Add selectors for view customer service page and fix autocomplete test (by @boubkerbribri)






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