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Prestashop - Show customer group in Account page (Front End)


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hshaker merci beaucoup pour ta réponse!

I explain our need better.
We apply a discount to those who subscribe to one of our printed magazines.
Who is subscribed to our magazine, we insert him in the "Customer group" "Subscriber".
Now the user, when he accesses his account, does not see the group he belongs to (so he cannot see if he is included in the "Subscribers" group).

What I would like is that, as information, it is written (in the account page frontend) for example:
You belong to the group: "Subscriber" (or "Customer", etc.).

How can I show the assigned "Customer group"? Thanks again.

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Tray This 

go to my-account.tpl an add this code

{assign var="defaultGroupID" value=Customer::getDefaultGroupId((int)$cookie->id_customer)}
{if $defaultGroupID=="1"}
  {assign var="defaultGroupName" value="YourGroupName"}
{elseif $defaultGroupID=="2"}
  {assign var="defaultGroupName" value="YourGroupName"}
{elseif $defaultGroupID=="3"}
  {assign var="defaultGroupName" value="YourGroupName"}
<h1 class="h1">{l s='My account'} <span id="GroupName" class="{$defaultGroupName|lower}">Partenaire {$defaultGroupName}</span></h1>


$defaultGroupID=="" to your defaultGroupID
 value="YourGroupName" to your group name


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We want to tell you that it is possible to display customer groups on the account page by modifying the Prestashop core code.
Images and File paths for your reference are mentioned below:

File path: YOUR_PS_DIRECTORY/controllers/front/MyAccountController.php

File path: YOUR_PS_DIRECTORY/themes/YOUR_THEME/templates/customer/my-account.tpl

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Hi Knowband Plugins

That works perfectly!
One question though: I would prefer to see the information on the "informations" section of "my account". Just putting the code into identity.tpl instead of my-account.tpl only gave me the result of
Customer Group: (without an indication of the group name here).

What am I missing?

And also: this code only brings the default customer group over. How would you alter the code to show all customer groups a specific customer group is attached to?

Kind Regards

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Please add the below code in the following files

1. controllers\front\IdentityController.php

$new_customer_obj = new Customer($this->context->customer->id);
        $customer_groups = "";
        foreach($new_customer_obj->getGroups() as $key => $data){
            $group = new group($data);
            $name = $group->name[$this->context->language->id];
            $customer_groups .= $name.',';
        $this->context->smarty->assign('groups_name', $customer_groups);

Screenshot https://nimb.ws/SpMdRq

2. \themes\{Your-theme}\templates\customer\_partials\customer-form.tpl

 <div class='form-group row' style="text-align: center;">
           {l s='Customer Groups ' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}: {$groups_name}

Screenshot : https://nimb.ws/Gw2dAn


It look Like : https://nimb.ws/ZBPbiE 

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