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How to add new variable to "twig return"?


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I would like to add a new variable to the return twig in /src/PrestaShopBundle/Controller/Admin/Sell/Customer How can I do this with a module?

I am interested in a fragment of this code: 

return $this->render('@PrestaShop/Admin/Sell/Customer/view.html.twig', [
            'enableSidebar' => true,
            'help_link' => $this->generateSidebarLink($request->attributes->get('_legacy_controller')),
            'customerInformation' => $customerInformation,
            'isMultistoreEnabled' => $this->get('prestashop.adapter.feature.multistore')->isActive(),
            'transferGuestAccountForm' => $transferGuestAccountForm,
            'privateNoteForm' => $privateNoteForm->createView(),

I don't want to overwrite the controller.

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