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Printful Problemo while Printify Perfecto!


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I can't seem to get my Printful products to appear on my facebook/instagram shops. I have Printify as my main product supplier and this updates automatically. My website updates great as well. Items from bith suppliers updating perfectly. But not on FB.

Anyone have any ideas or dealt with this one?


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52 minutes ago, Nickz said:

How much are you selling over Facebook and Instagram?

You can post actions on social networks but with little follower numbers sales won't make a big dent. Your site needs attention. 



that low following isn’t the ideal but have to start at a point 🙂

curious as to what you mean by ‘site needs attention’?

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4 minutes ago, rayspages.xyz said:

site needs attention

Title tag no indication if shop or not. Alt tags: WHOOSH is not really a searchterm.

No footer, no indication where the site actually is a part from the UK Number.

Just a few to point you in the right direction.

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