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negative cart price € 0.01


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When I try to add a 100% coupon and free shipping, the amount of the cart appears in negative for one cent.
If, instead of a coupon for 100%, I put a coupon for the exact amount of the product, the amount of the cart also appears negative for one cent.
It only happens to me with a product that has an amount of € 74 + 21% (VAT) and a 25% discount, that is € 67.16.
Shipping costs € 2.47 + 21% VAT, that is € 2.99

What I need is zero.




Thank you so much,




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On 8/17/2021 at 2:02 PM, etsmes said:

Does it occur to anyone else that amounts below zero appear in the shopping cart?


Thank you


Did You find the solution? Got the same problem. -0,01 total price... And system thinks that is just standard order (not a free one) and requires payment etc... 


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