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Module traslation THIS MODULE NOT FOUND: 3

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Hi, I updated prestashop from to about 2 months ago

After the update I also changed the theme. The site has always worked well and I have not found any major problems.

Now (I think I only realized it now but it comes from the post update) this happens to me:

In the section translations> module TRANSLATIONS> select any module> select either Italian or English

the site's response: ERROR THIS FORM CANNOT BE FOUND: 3 (puts a different number on each module you try to select)

I can give you this series of details:

> folder ownership and permissions ok

> modules present

> I tried resetting the modules, deactivating them, uninstalling and reinstalling them.

> I have no problems translating the theme, the back office, the emails and everything else

> If I unmount the theme I use the default one I have the same problem


(I attach screen shot)

error translation.JPG

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16 hours ago, ComGrafPL said:

Hai provato il reset SEO -> Friendly Url spento e acceso, cancella cahce dopo.

Proverei con il reset delle lingue. Ad esempio, prova con l'aggiunta di una nuova lingua e vedi cosa accadrà con una nuova. Rimuovere l'italiano e riaggiungerlo eventualmente.

I have done everything. I also tried to do what you tell me.

I noticed that the selection of translations when I select TRANSLATIONS> Mdouli Translations> Random module type> LIngua It or En generates a different url from that of another prestashop in the same version.

I managed to translate the fields by taking the url that generates a working prestashop (version and I replaced the domain, module name and token. So I was able to access the translation panel of the desired module.

Wrong link automatically generated by select:  //www.zzz/XXXX/index.php/improve/international/translations/settings?_token=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Correct link recovered from other prestashop version:  //www.zzzzzz/XXXXXX/index.php/improve/international/translations/?lang=it&type=modules&locale=it-IT&selected=ps_wirepayment&_token=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Currently I am not able to translate anyway because I believe that there are folder permissions problems that have been moved in the various tests done.

I keep testing to find a solution.

NB I also tried a further prestashop update from to but I have not solved the problem.

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