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home page fatal error

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It is warning message not an error, you can disable in php settings from web hosting.

Alternate solution will be module developer can help to fix the issue.

Basically there are four types of errors in PHP, which are as follows:

Parse Error (Syntax Error)

Fatal Error.

Warning Error.

Notice Error.

E_ERROR : A fatal error that causes script termination

E_WARNING : Run-time warning that does not cause script termination

E_PARSE : Compile time parse error.

E_NOTICE : Run time notice caused due to error in code

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In cpanel of web hosting account, PHP manager can help to disable warning message or best way to get help from web hosting support to disable warning notice messages.

display error option can be seen on php manager, I will share screenshots.


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Good to see the home page URL working fine now after the suggested changes.

Need to check your module developer about uninstall process done properly to remove all related to the module.

Did the module do any change in existing PrestaShop core files, need to revert to get back to the original stage.

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I have the same problem on the product page, i.e. I see "Fatal error" after trying a module to generate an app for mobile devices and the trial period has expired, it doesn't resolve itself even by uninstalling the module, can you help me? the developer doesn't answer me, I've already tried to modify the changes you proposed from the php manager, but it doesn't solve the problem

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