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Problem with placement in product pages


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Hello, I am having a problem with the development of my product pages, I will try to explain myself as clearly as possible:

I specify that I bought a theme but that I had a big modification to it.


So, my problem is that I am currently designing my product pages except that I am "forced" to do it one by one (obligated in quotes because I probably suck, which is why I have a problem) :


In fact, I have to do it one by one (ie code starting with .product-id- #) because if I code it in a general way (for example starting directly with .button: [... ]) this does not apply correctly on all pages, for example on product page 1 it will be 20centimeter from the menu, on product page 2 at 80cm, etc ...)

I specify that I coded the positioning with top, right, left, bottom, maybe it was better to do it in margin or in padding? (I guess that's what makes the positioning never the same depending on the pages and the length of the description?)

As I said in parenthesis, if I add a line to the product description, the element whose position I modified shifts down or up, probably a cause of "position: relative"?

So my questions are: is it because of the "position: relative" that the positioning is never the same depending on the pages? So should I use margins / padding instead?

I was using relative position because I couldn't get my elements to be in the right place with the margins / padding, but am I forcing to use them, that might fix my problem?


Sorry if it's not clear, I will answer your questions if there are any.


Thank you


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