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Cart Discount Rule not working?


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Ok - so I am trying to apply a discount to any cart that has purchased multiple of the same items.  

In theory this is simple - create a Cart Discount rule, Select the condition, set the discount etc and sure enough the rule works fine - IF - I generate a discount code and enter it in the cart.  

However if I leave the discount code in the rule blank, in theory it should then apply to *ANY* cart with those items - it does nothing. 

So what gives?  How do I get this to actually work without resorting to Generating Discount Codes.  

I am running Prestashop and the classic theme.    



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OKAY!!!!  Weird stuff.  

It suddenly started working!  

I just had too nip out and came back and did more testing with generating a code - it still work as expected.  I then cleared code and it still worked, I then cleared the specific user that I had it set to for test and it still works!  

Well, something's a bit buggy, but it's working and that's all I care about!  I didn't change anything in the Discount Rule but then suddenly it worked - the rules surely are not cached somehow are they?  That's the only thing I can think why it suddenly just started working after "an amount of time".  


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Any news about this ? Because I have absolutely the same behavior for a "Send a gift" rule.

When I generate a code for the rule it works perfectly but when I remove the code (so that it's automatically applied) and retry to add something in my cart, the gift is not automatically added...

It's driving me kind of crazy !

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