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How to run Front office and Back office on difference servers


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What problem I am trying to fix?
Back office should not be down when front office is down.
So I am moving back office to separate server


My environment
- Prestashop version 1.7.4
- Apache2
- Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS
- EC2 Server
- Database Mysql

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Strange idea. But i guess this is partially possible.

Front office and back office use the same database. So this assumes that you have a separate database server.

In that case you can install Prestashop normally.

Then you install a second shop on your back office server. After installing you change its parameters.php settings to those of the real shop.

That way you should be able to do database-only changes and queries. Of course changes that use the file system - like adding pictures - won't work.

I never tried this. But as far as I know this could work.

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