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Long time to add to cart


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I am struggling with the problem of very long time to add a product to the cart - sometimes 1 minute.

Entering any product (example - https://platformaizolacji.pl/elewacje-wentylowane/71-welna-skalna-petralana-petravent-wv.html) and clicking "Add to cart" - the script loads very long.


I noticed in the Chrome Console it is a question of jquery question and query related files: controller:

cart add: 1

Ajax: true

qty: 1

id_product: 71

token: 61d407c97c0c9771e2c1a4a8824d33ae

ipa: 1792


Nevertheless, that's the basic question after all.


I also see that sending the query itself takes a short time (about 0.3 ms), but the reply from the TTFB server is almost 40 seconds. And here's the problem.


Has anyone encountered such a case? I would like to add that in the past, when there were a bit less products and orders in the store, it was much faster.

Server - LiteSpeed.

PHP max for this version of Presta, i.e. 5.6



Thank you in advance.



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Please enable profiling in config/defines.inc.php. That results in all the queries show at the bottom of each page with the time they take (at the right side; you may need to scroll).

If it is the query time that causes this problem this will tell you where to look.

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