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Orders payed with Paypal are shown with doubled amount in the backend customer list


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I have orders (example Customer orderd products + shipping for 39 € payed with paypal. Invoice is also correct) that show doubled in the customer backend

This is the order list: 


This is the customer view in the backend:


I found the wrong amount in the database table orders: total_paid = correct, total_paid_real = wrong (double) amount

I use:


PHP-Version 7.2.34-nmm1

Paypal Modul 202 ecommerce v5.4.3

Thanks for help!

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added screenshots (see edit history)
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11 hours ago, auroncaos said:

any solutions? I have the same problem with bankwire instead, in some case when I create manually an order, I have the same problem.


I'm sorry, I didn't update this post. The problem was an other module "Custom Order Reference". That module changes the order-id and therefore add a second entry in the table order_payment. 

After deinstalling this module everything worked fine aganin.

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