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Gift option not displaying on back-end order page V


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I have just upgraded my shop from the version 1.7.6. to the 1.7.7, everything was fine beside one slight problem, I can no longer see the "gift wrap" option with it's custom message on the order page on the back-end of Prestashop and it's kinda driving me crazy because I have lots of orders awaiting to be treated.

Can anyone please help me with this ? 

Thank you

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It looks like the guys at Prestashop decided it's a good idea to "hide" this info under the "shipping tab", so now for every order you must check this tab and see if it has a gift wrap option and a message.

This is a very bad idea, so I decided to add the info on top of the products from the order, so it's right in your face :)

Edit this file:


just before this line:

{% include '@PrestaShop/Admin/Sell/Order/Order/Blocks/View/products.html.twig' %}

add this info:

		{% if orderForViewing.shipping.giftWrapping %}
			<span class="badge badge-success">{{ 'Gift wrapping'|trans({}, 'Admin.Orderscustomers.Feature') }}</span>
		{% endif %}
			{% if orderForViewing.shipping.giftMessage %}
			{{ 'Gift message:'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global') }}
			{{ orderForViewing.shipping.giftMessage }}
		{% endif %}  

Also, you can add it anywhere else on the order page.

Hope it helps!


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