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Multistore questions

Juan Rios1

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I have a prestashop in Mexico and I have a lot of visitors from united states. I would like to open a new prestashop so the people from the US don't see my website in Mexico. 

I read something about the multistore function and sounds really interesting. However, I don't know if I need to install another prestashop? Or are the files/database I already use enough to open the new prestashop?

Another question is that, I have a few countries blocked by geolocation that I wouldn't want blocked on the new prestashop, how would I go about this? Does prestashop let me configure that for both stores?

Also, can I add different prices for different stores?


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What is the reason you would want to use multistore?  Why cannot you just sell on existing shop  to US?

I don't recommend blocking countries, what's the point?  If at checkout there is not carrier that is enough.

you can add different prices to your existing shop  'by country' using specific price.

I recommend geo targeting  pro and visitor shipping assurance from addons.

Multishop, as is can create a lot of issues and once you go  that route it's hard to back out.

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