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Unit_price not available on category page listing products


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I'm updating some files of my theme and I want to display the products unit_price and country origin.

No problem on country origin: it's a featured product value, everything is ok.


The problem is on the unit_price. I have updated the product-miniature-2.tpl called in product.tpl.

On my home page, everything is ok, I have the information as you can see here on image 1.


But, with the same files called (i.e. product-miniature-2.tpl) the information of the unit_price is not available on the category page, on Image 2.


So I used a {$product|print_r} in product.tpl and the result I get is different.


For a same product, on the homepage, I have this (extract):

[product:protected] => Array ( [id_product] => 91 [id_supplier] => 15


[unity] => kg [unit_price_ratio] => 1.000000


[unit_price] => 2,90 


[unit_price_full] => 2,90  kg


[unit_price_ratio] => Array ( [type] => variable [value] => 1.000000 )


[unit_price] => Array ( [type] => variable [value] => 2,90  )




But on the category page,  for the same product, I get :

[product:protected] => Array ( [id_product] => 91 [id_supplier] => 15


[unity] => kg [unit_price_ratio] => 0.000000


[unit_price] => 


[unit_price_full] => 


[unit_price_ratio] => Array ( [type] => variable [value] => 0.000000 )


[unit_price] => Array ( [type] => variable [value] => )



Do you know why the values are not the same on this two pages?

How to solve this problem?



Image 1 - Homepage.png

Image 2 - Category.png

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Obviously different queries have been called for the two pages. So you have to find out which queries. The best way is to enabled profiling in /config/defines.in.php. That will produce a list of queries at the bottom of the page with to the right of them their place in the filesystem (filename and line number).

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Thanks musicmaster for your help!


For those who are looking for a solution to display unit_price on category page list, here is the solution.

The problem is that product are displayed after a call to method addMissingProductFields in ProductAssembler class. In this method, product table field are retrieved. Only...


So the solution is to update the SQL query in /classes/ProductAssembler.php (around line 68), like this:

$sql = "SELECT
                    IFNULL(sa.quantity, 0) as quantity,
                    INTERVAL $nbDaysNewProduct DAY
            ) > 0) as new
                FROM {$prefix}product p
                " . Shop::addSqlAssociation('product', 'p') . "
                LEFT JOIN {$prefix}product_lang pl
                    ON pl.id_product = p.id_product
                    AND pl.id_shop = $idShop
                    AND pl.id_lang = $idLang
                LEFT JOIN {$prefix}stock_available sa
                    ON sa.id_product = p.id_product 
                    AND sa.id_shop = $idShop
                WHERE p.id_product = $idProduct";

with "product_shop.*" in SELECT block and " . Shop::addSqlAssociation('product', 'p') . " in FROM block.

This way, you have all data you need. 


Of course, use overrides to make this change !


Thanks 🙂

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