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Paypal redirection not working in the order screen


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I have a problem withpaypal plus. I can use paypal from the product page or the recap page with the yellew button that redirects me to the paypal module. However, If I select paypal plus as payment method in the order page the following appears saying it will redirect you in a few seconds but it does not. I have also a Problem with protocol violation in the third screenshot.

I have seen this problem in other forums but it seems confusing still.

PS: Yes, the module is in production, not sandbox. Yes, I made a payment that was validated by paypal and the test customer using the paypal pay yellow button in the summary page. Yes all the enablers for paypal are green in th BO.

Thanks in advance for the support.



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1 hour ago, Nickz said:

Which one or does only one exist?

I would anyway use a different provider, PP is too expensive. Klarna, Stripe are better IMHO

Only one module exists. the only moment it does not work is on the ordering page, when you select the address, delivery method etc...

For the others, I plan to incorporate them, but today the main problem is the pool of potential customers are using paypal on regular basis (Germany is very fond of paypal...)

Is there a problem with the paypal module in general? I did not change anything in the site so far outside of the basic stuff.


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Hello @B-Latitude, @Yulia T.,


Thank you for your messages.

On the screenshot we can see the issue with the security policy of your server

Please fix it with your server provider.

If the issue persists you have also check if PayPal Plus is enabled in your PayPal merchant account. It can be the reason of the error 403 on your screenshot. Please contact PayPal support team if you need some help for enabling PayPal Plus.


I hope you will enjoy the module quickly after these changes.

Have a nice day !



202 ecommerce


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Had the same issue. The documention is really unclear on this. In my case I had a Pay Pal merchant account but you need a Pay Pay ->PLUS<- account. After upgrading my merchant account to paypal plus the issue went away.  The process of upgrading to paypal plus starts here -> https://www.paypal.com/de/webapps/mpp/paypal-plus?_ga=1.56688490.1173028794.1605026855

Make sure you receive an e-mail saying "Welcome to Pay Pal Plus"... my first attempt was not successfully processed by Pay Pal but I got information that it was stuck...

Overall took me 2 days to figure that out. Would be nice to update the module documentation to clearly state that a working Pay Pal Plus account is required. 


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Client keep saying they did have PayPal+ - i asked them to "sign up" again and that fixed the issue. I wonder if its not possible to validate when you "Login" to the module if the account is really plus or not, that would really help many that face same issues.

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