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Error in connecting account with Stripe platform

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Good morning to everyone,

it's a week since I am trying to connect my Stripe account to my PrestaShop installation, without results.

I installed the official Stripe SCA ready plugin from PrestaShop's addons page, when I try to go into Live Mode connecting my account, I am redirected to an authentication page in the Stripe platform and, once I log in, it redirects to a PrestaShop domain (partners-subscribe.prestashop.com) that gives an HTTP 502 (Bad gateway) server error code, breaking all the account connection process.

Since Stripe is a PrestaShop partner I thought that, in a little time, it would have been fixed, but in fact, I am not able to connect my account resulting in not being able to accept payments.

Has anyone any information on it?

Thank you

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Posted (edited)


I got the same problem since 3 weeks ago

In Stripe they say is Prestashop error and in Prestashop they say is Stripe's

Attached* Prestashop customer service's thread

I just can't believe this is happening with Pretashop + Stripe

Such a lack of responsibility and bad service providing 0 help or solution since 3 weeks ago

*And also here, another forum started thread relating the issue:

Prestashop thread.png

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Hi @santiagoSD!

Yes, I also contacted Estaban from 202ecommerce, the developers of the Stripe module, but I also think it's not their problem.

As you can see, the problem arises from Stripe's platform when contacting the PrestaShop's one, so the error is in either one of the two platforms.

It could be that Stripe contacts the PrestaShop's domain in a bad way, or the PrestaShop's domain doesn't work, but it can't be the module since if you would made your own implementation using Stripe's API the error would arise as well.

And, like you said, I can't just believe that this is happening with these two affirmed companies, and the lack of support for it. For this, I am thinking of some business-related decision not being said to the costumer, like the fact that PrestaShop is launching its own payment service and for now for some reasons nobody talks about.

It's strange but we also need to find an alternative, I am personally launching my e-commerce and I must have a working payment service.

This afternoon I'll try to contact Stripe, we'll see what they want to say to me

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Hi J16

I asume the same, they are just omitting the problem because Prestashop Checkout is updated and perhaps they invested more on that

But Prestashop Checkout was failing too much with errors on payment processing to offer as a Payment gateway for my clients and I needed an alternative stable and with better technology and support as it is Stripe

 But now this 

Please, if they provide you some light on this let us know

 Thank you J16

*This is the last they say to me. No problem with payments processing once API keys are set. But they are objecting the 502 issue

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Hi SantiagoSD,

Today I tried to contact the Stripe customer service, they called me from California saying that, If I wanted, a team from my country could handle the request (I'm italian), so I said yes and a team should have called, but I heard no phone ringing, super.

Yes, I wanted to let you know: this afternoon I was trying for the last time and I remembered that in demo mode the payment were going well, so I switched to live mode, put an item in the shop with a €1 price and tried to buy it, surprise, it worked! This is strictly what we need to make it work, so luckily our shops can run.

I think that connecting the Stripe account would reveal the hidden menu voices in the module configuration (as I saw in other screenshots).

Anyway, this is not fair from PrestaShop. But the fact is, as I understand, neither you or me contacted PrestaShop directly, just the Stripe module developer and Stripe itself. I think that *maybe* contacting them directly would give at least some answers, but one of their businesses is the Customer Service (a model that I hate) and it's not fair that I need to pay to *maybe* have answers (and not solutions) to a problem that it's their fault, and where 6 months ago they advised everywhere to use Stripe.

I hope that something will be fixed soon.

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Posted (edited)

I join you all on this After trying different search terms i realize you are here here is my post. 

I Realize they want me to pay for a support plan in order to let them know. after calling I am told thats the only way. ? And with some arguing I am told i am the only one with this problem. 

The lady I spoke with using the contact number  tells me she would of heard from more then one person if it really was a issue.  then continued to push me to pay for a support plan.. 

I wonder if i  can change the code so it ignores partners-subscribe.prestashop.com .. the developer seems to think i do not need this.  Whats going on..?!

Sounds like in Oct/Nov2018 there was a issue  with a Paypal module   and again  The 500 error is regularly associated with errors in the code or file permissions, to validate if it is a code error, it only activates the debug mode, and in terms of permissions, it tries to set all files to 0644 and folders to 0755 .

Question  what version of PHP are you all runing?  I am runing

php7.3                            7.3.27-1~deb10u1                      all          server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage)

The reality is that if I had a error on stripes URL  I would contact them. (Thats not the case) and if I did have a error from them and there was some what of a error  that was documented someplace i would have something to research to see what that error means and  possibly fix it or something.  (We have a 502 error)

Nothing in the code gives us any clue  or to the developer at this point what the problem can be.  The problem is happening on this url that belongs to prestashop.  They refuse to communicate and have made no way to sumit a error report from this  url.   I have found small things like https://gitlab.cloudinfo.pt/perfumes24/src/tree/73ba3bb6645650d667e30b5d0b0601ccfd3d23ff/modules/stripe_official

Does that mean i have to make a git account on this cloudinfo site and report something here?  i will

There has to be more people having this issue. this url seems to be in paypal  and stripe modules so there has to be a good amount of people trying to set this up and hitting this wall beyond us!

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Posted (edited)

I updated my post ..

The url is still not fixed but after chatting with Stripe and the sending messages to the developer I think they may soon learn of the problem.  Visit my link above for some screen shots

I hope this helps people

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