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Hook to change Cart (enabling/disabling ecotax)

Juan C.

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Hi everyone:

I need to change product data when they are being added to the cart. I need set ecotax to zero when some data (client, zone, group of client, etc) changes.

In older version of Prestashop I solved this with overriding of Cart class. But I don't want to override classes I want to do it with hooks.

I defined a hook:


public function hookactionCartUpdateQuantityBefore(array $params)
  $params["product"]->ecotax = 0;
  return $params;

This hook runs but data in the cart doesn't change.

If I try with $params["cart"]->_products[0]["ecotax"] = 0; I get 500 server error because _products in cart class is protected.

Can anybody help me?


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