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Can't Install PrestaShop - fails on SQL connection

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I'm new in PrestaShop and I tried to install it on hosted server where I still have problem with SQL connection.

After click on "Test your database connection now!"  then I got empty error message as: "An error occurred: ". Before PrestaShop I Instaled Phoenix Cart where is also necessary connect SQL database, there it was working, then I knows that SQL database name/usename/password are working propperly.

When I click on "Next" button then I got: "HTTP ERROR 500"

I already tried:

  1. Change acces rights to 775 and then to 775 - Didn't help
  2. Comment "-MultiViews" in /admin/.htaccess - Didn't help
  3. Downloaded older version "PrestaShop Stable" - Didn't help (HTTP ERROR 500 - immediateli when visit first intall page)

Please can somebody help? Any suggestion or ideas are welcome

Thanks you.


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Try to make optional Tables prefix on https://mobilecheats.edu.pl/

I got the same problem and "change cache" on database server fix it.



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  • 2 years later...

I had this same problem, the FIX is to change the "prefix" for database tables. I can't tell you why, but it DOES NOT LIKE the default ones.

You "think" you have to leave that default to install, but that is NOT TRUE. change it to " shop_ "  . that worked for me. IT ONLY works with an

underscore on the end. I think I may have used a capital S I forget. if small s doesn't work try " Shop_ " . it WILL WORK.

You're welcome.

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