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PS - Translations for modules are successfully saved but don't update in front office


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I've a big problem... with all module translations... so I'm speaking about all .tpl which try to get a translation with this syntax

{l s="Compare" mod="jxcompareproduct"}

I find the translation, I update it and it is successfully saved, but in frontend it always gets original string

While, for the translation with the syntax {l s="Compare" d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'} all works fine

But I can not modify all .tpl in all modules everywhere there is that syntax, I'd like to understand and fix this big bug!

Can someone help me?

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Maybe here there is the answer to my question....


He says "[...] a string translated by the module itself, in the old school (Prestashop 1.6 and below), for example: {l s='Account' mod='roy_levibox'}. We find this many times, because modules are old, in this case the Back Office can manage them pressing the button "translate" when you are inside a module (you need to access via "Module Manager"). But sometimes this method is useless too, no matter how much you try, Back Office is not working.
You can do two different solutions: you could replace the strings in templates using the new domain system, so you can translate with Back Office. Or, you better translate the module manually! Make a folder "translations" inside the module, then make a PHP file with iso code as name, if you want italian you make "it.php", and inside the file you write all strings according the old syntax, with MD5 and so on (explanations are too long, find them, learn from other modules)."

So, effectively, the fault is the use of an obsolete (or in these cases I should say "incorrect") way to get translations in modules, which makes it impossible to translate certain strings...

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