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Payment to addons sent, and then everything stopped. No replies, no support, nothing!

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Money sent, and then everything stopped.

1 - I've used addons marketplace before and it's always was just fine. Checked now and I see that my first order was in 2014!
2 - Before recent problem my succesfull purchase was like this: I ordered and paid via bank transfer on 10.02.2021 and got confirmation of payment from addons side and downloads links activated on 11.02.2021 - yes, exactly ONE day.

I don't know what has been broken since that moment, but my recent order #1415386 is STUCK in "awaiting payment confirmation" state.

But step-by-step now:

I ordered two needed modules on 16.02.2021, and made bank wire transfer immediately. Because, you know, I NEED THESE MODULES ASAP.

Several days went, nothing from Prestashop in my mailbox, order status: "awaiting payment confirmation"

So I went to support pages of site, to find that there is NO support at all. No chat, no email address. But there is a phone number. Ok, I've called there.

Following 14 minutes lady-robot offered me to dial some numbers between 1 and 5 to pick from problem that didn't occure to me - I didn't have any bug reports or feature offering, I didn't want any commercial consulting, I just wanted accountant to check their account balance and clear my order! Finally I decided to press 5 because there was something about appointment or whatever (lady-robot doesn't have perfect pronounce) - I thought that I'll finally be able to talk alive person and figure out whet to do next. Lady-robot was still there asking me some additional numbers if I know any. or wait. And then she told me that waiting time is less than 4 minutes, fine, I'm waiting. Then some man's voice appeared, which definitely was speaking to somebody else in some non-english language, I tried to talk to him, "hello? hello?" - nothing. and then waiting music again. in several minutes I heard some alive lady's voice, also speaking some non-english language, I still couldn't recognize. "hello? hello?" - nothing again, no reply to me, and then this wonderful "support" just hanged the phone.

Fine, 14 minutes of waiting and ZERO support, order status: still "awaiting payment confirmation"

So I came here, to forum, and found that there is ONE SINGLE possibility to actually SEND something to support, hoping for reply (I have a question about addons site -> I have a question on another subject.) So I sent them a message, including bank payment confirmation. A day passed, and still nothing, order status: still "awaiting payment confirmation"

it's 23.02 today, full week of waiting. bank transfer between EU countiries happens in minutes, so I wonder, what happened to my payment?

I'm sorry to post it here, but it's my last hope that there IS some SUPPORT team to step in and make freaking acoountants just mark my order as PAID and allow me download my purchases.

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Hi @mfdenis

I am sorry to hear about your current situation, but from my side I can not help you. I am just moderator on forum with no connection to PrestaShop team.

You can try Messanger on https://www.facebook.com/prestashop or  even Slack, though it is not place for this but someone from the team could pass message to Addons

https://app.slack.com/client/TTJ6M3GPL/CTKG1NKAP as your tried regular channels already.


Good luck

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34 minutes ago, razaro said:

Sorry for Slack link, it is  prestashop.slack.com

@razaro This slack channel doesn't seem to be accessible from "outside".. I tried to login with passwd and via google - equally no success..

Once again - it just not support, it's more like some secret service MI6 or CIA - you need to blow up whole internet to find someone to just press single button %(((

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 17.04.48.jpg

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Finally today I've got payment validated.
9 days since payment date.

Guys, currently existing "support" system is totally broken. It's too hard to get connected to some alive person, who can solve problem in a matter of minutes. Current level of automation and outsource is making whole system kinda concrete and deaf where it has to be soft and humanistic.

You just not allowed to sell anything on internet if it takes so long time to get connected to your staff.

though, thank you very much, @razaro! I'll keep this Slack channel in case of any future problems!

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