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What could be more annoying than a module difficult to configure with a long documentation like the Parisian directory (for the older ones).

When I develop my modules, I always try to remove any element that could make their configuration difficult.

Here again I applied my principle but beyond everything I've done so far.

Thus, you will avoid configuring 7 elements that can complicate your task since they correspond to color chords between them. A pleasant configuration for a graphic designer or a designer but certainly not for a merchant.

The module integrates a counter on all products on promotion with an end date. You can deactivate it or display it only on the last X days of the promotion.

Of course you can customize the color of the counter, but instead of having to choose 2 complementary colors to keep the effect of the start counter and also to match the color of the typography, my module will calculate the right colors by itself, so you only choose the main color.

The counter has an option to boost your promotions at the end of the countdown, so you can define 2 levels from which your counter will change color to appeal to the customer present on the product sheet that he must hurry if he wants to take advantage of this exceptional offer.

To further motivate your customers, this counter will start flashing during the last minute of your promotion.

To inform your customers more precisely without disturbing the display, you can activate a tooltip that will appear when the mouse passes over the counter. This tooltip contains the basic counter in text format that you can frame with custom phrases in all the languages of your store.

You can also frame the counter with an HTML message before and after to customize everything for your store.













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